What is Induction?


Induction cooking is the fastest, safest and most efficient form of cooking in both domestic and commercial kitchens.

The speed of induction and the consistent results of the food, enable chefs to deliver outstanding food quality on a regular basis thus ensuring happy customers.



TKH Solutions have 15 years experience developing both domestic and commercial systems with the major Induction supplier to the highest levels of quality to be found on the market to the major equipment manufacturers around the world.

Types of Induction


TKH Solutions have extensive knowledge of the 3 different types of Induction available on the market. From light duty domestic systems, to high end heavy duty designed for commercial kitchens running 20h per day. As a business, we are able to develop based on the kitchen requirements, the optimal work-flow and the correct equipment to ensure minimal downtime based on equipment layout and specification. 



With the huge increase in Induction cooking in the last 10 years, the technology has advanced at a huge rate with various technologies utilising the speed and efficiency. There are now many different products, ranging from cooktops, to induction fryers to super efficient griddles delivering outstanding heat-up times, consistent plate temperature and temperature control to within 1 deg C.

TKH Solutions have helped deliver many of these products with the major manufacturers so please get in touch to discuss purchasing these products or helping with design requirements using new technology. 

New Products


TKH Solutions are now able to offer a complete range of Table-top induction units with fantastic features including Teppanyaki, 2 burner systems with bridge function and single burner wok unit.

These table top units enable kitchens give a kitchen a unique feature in that they totally mobile units with a 13A plug enabling the kitchen staff to move them around the kitchen or adding additional cooking zones in case of downtimes of other appliances. 

Get in touch


As previously stated, if the wrong type of induction is specified in the kitchen, designed incorrectly or generators are placed in the wrong place, this can enable significant cost implications for both the kitchen and maintenance requirements due to downtime.

Get in touch and utilise our knowledge. Working with some of the UK's main kitchen design companies and leading food pass consultants, we have a combined knowledge to ensure the perfect design and food efficiency output.