Product Development


Expert support in developing new appliances from the beginning of the project to enable the best cost optimised solution, functional and technical products for the application. From developing a new component to  a complete redesign of an appliance. TKH Solutions will provide the best possible advice for the optimum solution.

Product Redesign


Redesigning a component or an appliance and need the best solutions to ensure cost optimisation, quality and functional requirements? TKH Solutions will help develop the best products in the field. From domestic white goods appliances, commercial catering and industrial applications, TKH Solutions have the knowledge to provide solutions to problems and offer the best solutions for the application.

Kitchen design


Designing a new kitchen for the commercial sector? Due to the increase in cooking technologies and the huge increase in Induction cooking, we will offer the best solutions to enable the chef and kitchen staff have the best cooking environment for speed and to ensure maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum. Commercial kitchens with Induction technology need a specific arrangement to enable that top end appliances are utilised to the best arrangement possible. TKH Solutions have had numerous kitchen visits to offer advise to kitchen designers so that the chef can utilise the products to the highest standard.


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Pans - nickel free

Top Quality Pans


TKH have access to supply the best quality pans on the market. The pans have BTLE functionality with the ability to communicate with induction hobs.

Nickel free ensuring 39% improvement on stainless steel pans. Super fast heat up and amazing heat distribution to ensure food retains all it's nutrients.


We visited Thomas Pasfall, a recognised chef in Odense to learn how he controlled the heat. 
We then


We visited Thomas Pasfall, a recognised chef in Odense to learn how he controlled the heat. 

We then acquired the exact same cookware and modified it by installing sensors and electronics that could transmit the data to a smartphone.  

 The sensor is placed in the bottom of the cookware and provides very precise control over the temperature and enables many new cooking possibilities.